Work With Me

Build authentic relationships in your new home and previous ones!

Success to me, is seeing my clients feel so connected to who they are that they create and maintain deeper friendships, no matter where they are in their transition.

I support expat partners who struggle with building authentic relationships in their new home and the previous ones.

Through my coaching programs I help you reconnect with yourself so that you feel grounded and more confident to create and maintain deeper relationships.

I do that by creating a personalised coaching program tailored to your needs and goals.

You will have ease and peace of mind, feel strong and be able to navigate the transitions and challenges of Expat Life!

This is how you can work with me!

Clarity Session

A 2-hour session to explore your needs,
prepare your transition or know exactly
what you need to do to get unstuck through a transition phase.

1-on-1 Coaching

A 3- or 6-months program to support
your transformation from feeling lonely
disconnected to feeling grounded
ready to create and maintain authentic connections
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