About Me

Arlette Chatlein
Expat Partner
Coach & Mentor
English & Dutch

Build Authentic Relationships In Your New Home And Previous Ones!

I am a certified coach with 20+ years of experience of multicultural expat life in Africa, Asia, Europe and South-America. My first move with my family was in 2002 to Lagos, Nigeria. 

I was excited about the move and knew that this experience would enrich me tremendously but the more concrete it became, the more I felt my confidence diminish.

I was surrounded by a very supportive and truly amazing group of people but I still felt lonely and wasn’t able to truly connect with them. I ended up losing the connection with myself and feeling guilty about not really enjoying the experience.

With some help and support I reconnected with myself, felt confident and grounded again and was I able to create and maintain great friendships.

From my own personal experience I know how difficult this is and how valuable the right support is.

I am here to support you in your journey!

Want to learn more and assess your own needs? Schedule a complimentary session where we will explore how I can support you.

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